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The price for Brilho services depends on factors such as your budget, your home or office size, specific tasks you would like us to perform, frequency of cleaning, and so on.
Brilho provides a receipt for services rendered and accepts payments of cash, cheque, or credit card.
Most of our clients prefer to provide their own supplies. However, on request, Brilho can provide environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Yes. Brilho is committed to using environmentally friendly products whenever possible out of concern for both the environment as a whole, as well as your own home environment.
In order to maintain a 100% satisfaction rate, Brilho asks for feedback via our Client Care Survey, which is supplied at the end of every cleaning session. Please inform the office of any concerns so we can quickly address any issues.
Yes. Apart from our normal weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services, Brilho can also provide heavy-duty cleanings, including post-renovation, construction and movie set cleanings.
Yes. Gift Certificates are available in the denomination of your choice.
Our system generates a unique code for each Brilho client. Our system is password protected, and only Brilho management can access it. Each client will have this code on their key and only the employee assigned to you knows to whom the key belongs. Brilho will replace any key in the unlikely event of it being lost.
Although accidents are a part of life, at Brilho we do our best to avoid these situations by providing extensive training to employees. Brilho is bonded and insured and, in the unlikely event of such a problem happening, please contact the office and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue to the best of our abilities.